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Vishal engineering company was Established in 1997, by Mr. K. Saravanan CEO, who has a vast experience in the manufacture of Rubber Bearings Bushes . We are proud to manufacturer Rubber Bearing bushes with our unique brand VECO and VECO GOLD suitable for Vertical Pumps, Submersible Pumps , Bore well pumps, Turbine Pumps and Sewage Pumps. Our Bearing Bushes ensures smooth rubber surface, when lubricated with water, matches the extremely low friction of oil lubricated metal bearings like ball bearings. VECO GOLD metal cover rubber bush are resistant to wear, corrosion and swelling in water. They absorb shock and vibration. Their grooves are designed for optimum water flow to cushion the shaft and their strong bonding is fail-safe.

VECO bearings are made from a specially compounded oil and chemical resistant nitrile rubber. The nitrile rubber is highly resistance to wear and abrasion and is also tough and durable. Our Bearing Bushes best suit V4” Submersbile Pumps, V6” Submersible Pumps, V8” Submersible Pumps. We can also manufacture Custom made Bushes as per Customer Requirements.

Our Customers have happy with our quality, Commitment, Competitive Prices and Efficiency. Our Infrastructure is equipped with the latest Technology Machineries. Our Core Product line includes all Rubber Components like Metal bonded Rubber Bushes, Oil Seals, Wear Rings, Rubber Gaskets, Diaphragms, O Rings, Rubber Grommets ,etc., We have the capability to process Rubber parts in all grades like NR,NBR,EPBM,SILICON,VITON, NEOPRENE, HNBR ,etc.,

Vishal Engineering Company has Complete Control of the Entire Production Process, Machineries, Manpower, New Tools And Designs which makes us accept challenges in the Industry and excel in the field of Rubber parts manufacturing.

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VECO Metal Cover Bearing Bush

Manufacturers of Metal Cover Bearing Bushes for Submersible Pumpsets. more


VECO GOLD Submersible Bushes

Manufacturers of VECO GOLD Submersible Bushes more


Turbine Pump Bush

Manufacturers of Metal Cover Rubber Bushes for Turbine Pumps more


Submersible Rubber Bush

Manufacturers of Submersible Rubber bushes. more


CRI Submersible Pump Bush

We are manufacturers of CRI Submersible Pump Type Bush. more


V4 Submersible Ring

We are Manufacturers of Rubber Rings for V4 Submersible Pumps. more


Submersible Rubber Counter Bush

We are Manufacturers of Rubber Counter Bush for Submersible Pumps. more


Metal Counter Bush

We are Manufacturers of Metal Counter Bush for Water Pumps. more


Rubber Diaphragm

We are Manufacturers of Rubber Diaphragm PCD Cup for V4,V6,V8 Submersible Pumps more


Metal Bonded Submersible Rubber Bush

We are Manufacturers of Metal Bonded Rubber Bush for Submersible Pumps. more


Marine Bushes

We are Manufacturers of Rubber Bushes for Marine Industries. Our Bushes are used by Boat Manufacture more


Bearing Bush

We are Manufacturers for Metal Cover Bearing Rubber bush for Submersible pumpsets. more


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